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Computerise Mimic Alarm

Computerized Mimic Alarm System

    Computerise Mimic Alarm System is a real time monitoring and control system. It consists of a powerful real time monitoring software, STA16 and STA32 I/O modules. This system is capable of monitoring 512 input and 512 output points. It is capable of displaying up to 10 floor plans in graphical and text form.

Sample Ourput on PC Monitor

Additional Features
 1. Control up to 16 STA-16 or STA32 controllers
 2. Real time event monitoring
 3. Event programming entry
 4. User definable operation time set and time zone
 5. Informative transaction logging
 6. 100 set of configurable menu access
 7. 100 system user with password entry
 8. Alarm arming/disarming can be done by manually or time zone control
 9. 3 different types of alarm beeping sound
10. Dynamic graphical floor plan displays
11. Remote command controls
12. Remote key switch reset function
13. Auto log off the system software after 10 minutes of inactivity
14. Holiday entry

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