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Visitor Management

Visitor Managemnt System    Developed to suit the local environment, this Visitor Management System provide you with the high-tech, cost effective solutions to all your guarding of accessibility needs. Able to capture & retrieve accurate information fast is the key feature of this system. Being portable, user friendly and full of functionality, this system allows you to implement high standard critical guarding controls in all locations.

Advanced high-tech multimedia input/output features
- Captures picture and data in real time
- Barcode reader input for fast and accurate data capturing
- Electronic archive to reduce paperwork and storage space
- Y2K complied

Intelligent Guarding Control
- Automatic clocking system
- Allows proactive screening and blacklisting of unwanted visitors
- Easy monitoring and tracking of people or property in-and out
- Assist work flow study - - peak time monitoring and resource allocation
- Abnormal hours/ events screening

Secure and Intelligent Database Management
- Effective data integration to eliminate duplication of work
- Smart and organized filing system
- Fast and efficient data storage/retrieval
- Secure multiple level access and administration
- Triggering capability for “exceptions”

Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI)
- Easy and user-friendly icon and button-clicking feature
- Presentation of data in common graphical formats
- Easy to learn and implement

Easy Report Generation
- Easy to generate customized reports
- Standardized format and data integration
- Multiple sort function

LAN Version Available
- Multiple user and multiple downloading
- Browsing and sharing of information
- Monitoring of visitors from multiple point of location
- Ease and safe to transfer security information through network
- Real time capturing data
- Integrated into unlimited access point through LAN.

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